PL-2 (Your Homework)

Episode 3 January 04, 2022 00:01:50
PL-2 (Your Homework)
Progressive Learning
PL-2 (Your Homework)

Jan 04 2022 | 00:01:50


Show Notes

It’s important to realise that your homework does not have to be completed for your next onboarding session. Just do as much as you can.

That said, going through your homework is vital because it helps you to clarify the incredible benefits building your network could provide for you.

Many people start building their networks to support their business. However, the Connect Collaborative was founded to help people like you achieve the things they truly desire in life.

If you gain more business, but that comes at the expense of eating up your free time, what have you really achieved?

We believe that having free time as well as increased income is essential.

If you are making a consistent effort to build your team and your network, undoubtedly, the result should be more than just increased business.

We encourage every network builder to start thinking about creating significantly increased ongoing income while decreasing the time required to earn that income.

What could you do with increased income and more free time?

Following are some of the topics in your Homework

  1. A great questionnaire asking you to rate the importance of various things in your life
  1. Your thoughts on your End Goals vs your Means Goals after watching the fantastic video by Vishen Lakliani on this subject
  2. Your thoughts on the Go-Giver concept created by Bob Burg
  3. A quiz designed to help you think about how network building can help you
  4. Various questions designed to help you clarify your vision for your future and how network building can assist that vision.
  5. More notes around how to best work with your connector during the first 4-6 weeks of your on boarding

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