PL-8A The Power of Patience

Episode 13 January 16, 2022 00:04:51
PL-8A The Power of Patience
Progressive Learning
PL-8A The Power of Patience

Jan 16 2022 | 00:04:51


Show Notes

Gabe de Jong was born and raised in Groningen.

He studied business IT and holds a master's degree in change management.

After a decade working in IT, he started to focus on organizational change and leadership development. 

Gabe's vision is that major change in personal life and in business requires small steps, especially when it comes down to people and their behaviour.

To succeed with these small steps is not easy in these times.

Times where everything has to go fast, in large steps and should be immediately plain and clear.

But you cannot take a shortcut or use autopilot when learning, developing new habits or building deep relationships.

These things, like most important things in life, require small steps, reflection and patience.

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