PL-6 Achieving Core-5 is easy

Episode 8 January 11, 2022 00:06:55
PL-6 Achieving Core-5 is easy
Progressive Learning
PL-6 Achieving Core-5 is easy

Jan 11 2022 | 00:06:55


Show Notes

Progressive Learning Session 6 (Achieving Core-5 is easy).

The primary purpose of the CC is to help you build your team of team building advocates alongside others in the CC doing the same.

We believe that those with large networks of others actively advocating for them will benefit beyond their wildest imagination.

Duplication is a major key to building a large team of team building advocates.

We recommend you follow a duplicatable process; because that lightens the load for everyone.

By duplicatable, we mean:

Using an easy-to-follow system to do much of the heavy lifting for you.
As a result, there is no need for you to teach your team everything.

It is so exciting when you realise that you only need a small team of people who only need to apply a small amount of consistent activity to rapidly create their own team of team building advocates; made possible by an easy, comprehensive system everyone follows.

Typically you will develop a great relationship with a few people you have introduced to your team. You will also gradually build relationships with some of the people that your team members have introduced.

Even though the amount of time you spend with the team your team has introduced will be far less than the amount of time you spend developing relationships with those you have personally introduced, you will usually be held in high esteem by all members of your team and your extended team.

Our Network Building System

The NBS provides the tools, processes, learning material & meetings to help you with the following.

What is Core-5?

You are recognised as “Core-5” when you have found at least 3 people who are not yet part of the Connect Collaborative who now see the value of building their networks and have decided to take a trial of the NBS.


You have at least 5 people in your team. You must have introduced at least 3 of these, but the others may be introduced through the others in your team.

For example, when you introduce 4 new members and one of those introduces someone. You are recognised as Core-5.

One of the benefits of going Core-5 is that you qualify to attend our monthly Core-plus meeting. These meetings have great speakers covering Leadership and personal development topics.

Many of our members comment on the great value they have received from such talks. 

What levels can you achieve beyond Core-5?

You are recognised as Core-50 when you have:

The best way to visualise Core-50 is to imagine you have found 4 leaders keen to build their network (of team building advocates) and achieve Core-10. Then the task for you becomes mainly one of finding 4 other leaders rather than finding 50 on your own.

What’s Core-10 & Core-20?

You are recognised as Core-10 when you have 10 in your team, of which you have introduced at least 5 personally.

You are recognised as Core-20 when you have 20 in your team, of which you have introduced at least 5 personally.

As you build your network in this way, you build great know like and trust relationships with your team (especially through the initial onboarding and subsequent help sessions). 

Through the people in your team, you also get to know the people they onboard.

You can introduce (and potentially advocate for) those people (once trust has been established) to others in the CC who are building their networks.

The Connect Collaborative grows and thrives for the benefit of all because everyone contributes by (1) Building their networks using the CC system and culture (2) Advocating for and those they have come to know, like and trust.

What if you don’t have a business yet?

When you reach out to others, do you feel you don’t have anything to offer because you don’t yet own your own business? Maybe you a still an employee.

Have you considered that this is the very reason others will feel comfortable connecting with you – they know you are not going to try and sell them something – because you have no agenda!

So what do you have to offer?

You are part of a sizeable expanding network, and better yet, you are proactively building your own network.

This means that once you get to Know Like & Trust someone you are reaching out to, you can help them achieve the results they are seeking by advocating for them to others in your network.

Why would you help others when there is no immediate benefit for you?

Simply because, in general, people do business with people they know like and TRUST

It is so easy to build trust when you become an excellent connector and advocator.

When you help others first, they will usually feel that they want to return the favour – and often, they will return a much larger favour than the favour you did for them!

We call this: Return on Generosity!

Achieving Core-5 and beyond is all about forming small daily habits

Be determined to stick with building one of your most valuable assets – your network of Know Like and Trust relationships.

Anything worthwhile is going to require consistent effort.

The Good News?

Make sure you follow the system; it’s been well thought out to help you start simply and then gradually use more powerful, advanced tools.

There is a lot in the system, and it would be like trying to “drink from a fire hose” if you try to absorb it all too quickly.

The person helping you on board can be a great resource to help you get going.

The exact how-to’s will be discussed in the workshops and the content of our Progressive Learning program.

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