Pl-9 Improve your leadership

Episode 18 January 17, 2022 00:04:34
Pl-9 Improve your leadership
Progressive Learning
Pl-9 Improve your leadership

Jan 17 2022 | 00:04:34


Show Notes

Progressive Learning Session 9 (Improve your leadership).

Most people want to feel great, have lots of energy, increase their fitness, remain free of illness and so on.

Most people also agree that eating better and exercising more would help them with their health and wellness goals.

However, most people also find it challenging to develop the consistent habits that they know would be necessary to achieve their health goals.

One of the main reasons people engage personal trainers is to help them become more accountable to their goals.

In the end, most people want someone to help them do what they know they should.

However, as has been often said, you can’t push spaghetti, but you can pull it.

Having a pull rather than a push approach is part of developing your leadership skills.

Most people also see the value of developing a team of team-building advocates and interacting with others also building a team of team building advocates.

However, as with fitness goals, many people find it difficult to form the right consistent habits.

It is vital to identify when people in your team are ready to step up. As we know, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!”.

It’s also important to paint the vision for the willing and identify what barriers they may have.

Most people struggle with how they allocate their time. Help them think through their time allocation and become more organised and productive. For example, many people are continually held hostage to their urgent to-do list, leaving little or no time for important activities and projects. It is challenging to achieve your end goals if you leave no time to work on achieving those end goals.

It’s great to help others make a list of thanks that are important or urgent things or both and go through this list of to-dos with them.

One of the most fantastic favours you can do your team members is encouraging them to listen to the mini-habits video in our system. This video summarises the Mini-Habits book by Stephen Guise.

Helping your team members come to grip with these fundamentals is one way you can make a massive difference in their lives. But, more importantly, you can impact many others’ lives when your leaders make the same investment in their team members.

It’s also great to help people clarify what’s really important to them. In other words, to identify the essential things and work towards achieving them. You will find that most people rarely take the time to clarify their end goals when they can see no way of achieving them. In other words, they settle for mediocre rather than great. They choose to exist rather than live. Part of your job as a leader is to inspire team members to strive for more. Building a network makes so much more possible.

Let’s look at some leadership hints and tips:

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