PL-5 Consistently Invite

Episode 19 January 10, 2022 00:06:45
PL-5 Consistently Invite
Progressive Learning
PL-5 Consistently Invite

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Progressive Learning Session 5 (Consistently invite people you select from a filtered list of LinkedIn candidates).

The secret to building a large network of people who will advocate for one another is to constantly:

You may be wondering why we focus so much on LinkedIn.

For example, you may already know many people and wonder why you should meet yet more on LinkedIn.

We highly encourage you to have conversations with those you already know to determine how important building their network is to them.

In many cases, you may already be sporadically interacting with these people. So it is perfect to have a platform like the CC where you can meet more regularly and help them meet like-minded others.


 You may also believe that there are better ways of finding people than using LinkedIn.

 When you have learned about the great tools and processes we have developed to help you find great network-building candidates on LinkedIn, it will take around 200-250 outbound connection requests to introduce a team of 5 people (we call this Core-5).

That’s more than fast enough!

If the people you introduced duplicated this, you would have a very fast-growing team of team building advocates.

Success in almost any endeavour involves some degree of tedious activity.

As such, it’s good to evaluate whether you are engaging in activities that predictably produce great results or activities that, whilst enjoyable, produce much smaller results.

 In other words, are you engaged in pleasing activities or pleasing results?

 Duplication is vital.

 The people you introduce must have a system to help them learn rather than spending a lot of time teaching your team members everything. 

 Just imagine how easy it is to have your team members listening to Podcasts like these rather than you having to teach them everything.

 Using the CC system helps create a duplicatable process and keep the workload manageable for everyone.

 Using a great calendar booking system such as Calendly can save you a great deal of time and reduce the stress of juggling your diary to fit in with the schedule of those with whom you are booking Zoom meetings.

 At first glance, this may seem like others have control of your time.

It’s quite the opposite!

Using an app such as Calendly, you can decide when people can book into your calendar.

Also, apps such as Calendly integrate with your existing calendar apps (such as Google Calendars).

In other words, if you book a time in your Calendar, Calendly won’t double book you.

Here are some of the benefits of using an app (such as Calendly) to provide a link that others can use to schedule time in your calendar:

As more people use Zoom (or an equivalent), using a booking system is becoming respectful etiquette (you are grateful when others make it easy for you and send you a link to book into their calendar).

Here are some tips:

Using the My Most Trusted Chrome extension is a great way to save you time and help you manage your LinkedIn interactions.

 The best way to learn how to install, activate, and use the MMT Chrome extension is to click the “MMT in detail” item in Session 5 of the Progressive Learning mind map.

 A word of warning in advance; after you install MMT, don’t forget to click the link to activate the Connect Collaborative version.



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